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Yup Lighting is a global leading manufacturer UV lamp for the disinfection of municipal wastewater, industrial process water and primary drinking water and disinfection of air and HVAC systems.  Yup Lighting’s full line of germicidal lamps is designed to provide the highest level of performance for each of our partner’s applications. 


1)Germicidal Lightings:UV Disinfection lamp,Ultraviolet lamps,UV-C Germicidal lamps,UVA nail lamps, UV-B lamps,uv lights,uv bacterial killing lamps,etc.ultraviolet lamp,germicidal lamp,Replacement of Trojan 3000 plus, Trojan 3000,Wedeco lamp, R-can lamp,UVC lamp,air purifier, water purifier, water sterlilzer,Aquatic products,water treatment lamp,disinfection lamp,UV-A nail lamp,bacterial killing lamp,quartz sleeve,quartz uv lamps,soft glass uv lamp,replacement of Trojan UVmax A/B/C/D/E/F,TOC lamps,cold cathode uv lamps,amalgam lamps,Aqufine lamp,HVAC purifier,4 pin single ended lamp,anion lamps, air purifier lamps,sterilight replacement lamps,quartz germicidal lamps,S810RL,G36T5L etc.


We also produce uv Sterilight replacement bulb,Replacement uv lamps of Trojan Technologies,Steriaire uv replacement lamps,USHIO uv replacement lamps,Wonder light uv replacement lamps ,Rainbow replacement sterilizer bulbs,Pondmaster uv replacement bulb,Gamma Uv Replacement lamps,Chiyoda Kohan Replacement bulb,Philips style uv replacement lamps,Light Sources replacement uv lamps,SANKYO replacement uv bulbs, First Light uv replacement lamp, GE replacement lamp,Atlantic ster-l-ray ultraviolet replacement lamps,uv replacement lamp of Aquafine lamps,Tuv lamps,amalgam uv lamps,cothode cathode uv bulbs and uv ballasts etc. We are famous uv lamp OEM factory .


2) germicidal bulb, germicidal bulbs, germicidal lamp, germicidal lamps, germicidal light, germicidal lights, germicidal ultraviolet lamp, germicidal ultraviolet lamps, ultra violet lamps, ultra violet water purification, ultraviolet air disinfection, ultraviolet air purification, ultraviolet air purifiers, ultraviolet air sanitizer, ultraviolet bulb, ultraviolet bulbs, ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet light bulb, ultraviolet light bulbs, ultraviolet sterilization, ultraviolet sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizers, ultraviolet tube, ultraviolet tubes, ultraviolet water, ultraviolet water disinfection, ultraviolet water purification, ultraviolet water purifier, ultraviolet water purifiers, ultraviolet water sterilizer, ultraviolet water sterilizers, ultraviolet water treatment, uv air disinfection, uv air duct, uv air purification, uv air purification system, uv air purifier, uv air purifiers, uv air sanitizer, uv air sanitizers, uv bulb, uv bulbs, uv disinfection, uv germicidal lamps, uv lamp, uv lamps, uv light bulb, uv light bulbs, uv sterilizer, uv sterilizers, uv tube, uv tubes, uv water, purifier, uv water purifiers, uv water treatment, uvc, uvc bulb, uvc bulbs, uvc lamps, uvc light, uvc lights, uvc tube, water sterilization, water sterilizer, water sterilizers, 


3) Water treatment Equipments:water treatment lamp,water purify uv kit,water purifier,water dispenser, straight water drinking machine, pumps, uv lamps for water,uv water filter. 


4)Air purifier/uv sterilizer: uv-c germicical lamps,HVAC Sterilizer ,anion airpurifying lamp, quartz germicidal lamps, hand sanitizer etc. 


5)quartz tubes/sleeves: many kinds quartz sleeves or tubes can be made as per customer's requirement.  etc.


We supply goods with quality at competitive prices, our products have been exported to all over the world such as USA,UK,Norway,Greece,.