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China OEM ODM Factory Price Zapp Pure UV ZP-5 Replacement UV Lamp

China 1st UV Factory direct for Wholesaler, Retailer and importers , OEM ODM acceptable, Small Qty acceptable,Only 1/10 USA cost with same quality 

Disclaimer: This is an YUP® brand lamp. It can be used as an equivalent replacement lamp for below brands.


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Watts: 14 Watts
Length: 287 mm
Base: B16
Base Description: 4 Pin Single Ended (B16)
Qtz. OD: 15 mm
Wiring: Preheat
Output: Standard
Category: Preheat
Type: L
Wires: 2
Description: GPH287T5L/4

This lamp is an equivalent replacement lamp for the following:

Brand Model
American Ultraviolet GML225
AquaPro Industrial UV1-L
Aqua Azul L-1-805
Aqua Treatment Services ATS4-287
Aqua Ultraviolet 15 Watt, A20015
Barnstead LMX13-UV
Current-USA / Gamma UV 15 Watt, UV1411
Glasco Ultraviolet 1508
Ideal Horizons 41003, 42002,LBR-4,LBRE-4
International Water-Guard Industries NPS-A6
LabStrong Corporation LMP13
Parker-Racor 33-5002, VMS-3
Polaris Scientific UV GL14SE4P,UV-2C
Pureflow Inc. PF-LAB-DEO3
Purely UV Products PUVLF285
R-Can / Sterilight S1RL
Siemens / Sunlight LP4130
Sol-Air Systems ES-SolAire Two,ES-SolAire Two-2UV
Thermo Fisher Scientific LMX13
Trojan UV 600, 602, 622, 650144, UV 600, UV 601, UV 602, UV 622
Ultra Dynamics 7001-805, 8050 UD, 8101-PP.5, P1, S2, VP-1
UVC-Lighting D287T5, UV201
UV Doctor 1111, UVDRX-1111
UV-Guard 11018
UV Superstore GL287/4, GPH287/4
Village Marine Tech. 33-5002, VMS-3
Watertec Enterprise LS287T5L, UV2A,UV-LS2A.RL
Watts Water Technology WUV2, WUVLAMP2
Wedeco UV LBRE-4
Xtra-Fresh Air ES-SolAire Two
Zapp Pure UV ZP-5

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