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China Best OEM UV Lamps Manufacturer And Exporter

China Best OEM UV Lamps Manufacturer And Exporter

Yup Lighting is a global leading manufacturer and exporter for UV lamps,UV Air Purifiers and Quartz sleeves.We are famous OEM manufacturer for many branded company in USA and Europe.  If you can not find what you are looking for,pls contact us by sales@yuplighting.com We will satisfy your needs!

Yup Lighting’s full line of germicidal lamps is designed to provide the highest level of performance for each of our partner’s applications. 

1)Germicidal Lightings:UV Disinfection lamp,Ultraviolet lamps,UV-C Germicidal lamps,UVA nail lamps, UV-B lamps,uv lights,uv bacterial killing lamps,etc.ultraviolet lamp,germicidal lamp,Replacement of Trojan 3000 plus, Trojan 3000,Wedeco lamp, R-can lamp,UVC lamp,air purifier, water purifier, water sterlilzer,Aquatic products,water treatment lamp,disinfection lamp,UV-A nail lamp,bacterial killing lamp,quartz sleeve,quartz uv lamps,soft glass uv lamp,replacement of Trojan UVmax A/B/C/D/E/F,TOC lamps,cold cathode uv lamps,amalgam lamps,Aqufine lamp,HVAC purifier,4 pin single ended lamp,anion lamps, air purifier lamps,sterilight replacement lamps,quartz germicidal lamps,S810RL,G36T5L etc...[More]